About us

Muryar Hausa24 is one of the
popular sites in Nigeria especially the northern
part of the country.

We are an online tech news site,
dedicated to providing interesting
articles, tutorials,entertainments and
even news at some instances .

We are always trying our best to ensure that
our content is understandable for
regular and new visitors.

Muryarhausa24.com.ng will be The biggest way of getting reliable news all over the worldwide in Hausa vernacular.

We are doing our best to maintained the dignity of copyright.

Often we used to identify the sources of news, whatever the source may be.

The mission of Muryarhausa24.com.ng is to established good aims and objectives for the benefits of Hausa speaker's in Nigeria and neighbouring countries.


For your own advantages you can sent your stories, jokes, admonished, novels,views,loves stories, comments or satisfactions on our activities on Muryarhausa24@gmail.com.

May Almighty Allah bless  and uplifted Hausa speaker's and Nigeria at large Ameen.